Weighing System

  • JJ–LPK500 Flow balance batcher

    JJ–LPK500 Flow balance batcher

    Segment calibration

    Full-scale calibration

    Material characteristics memory correction technology

    high precision of ingredients

  • JJ-LIW Loss-In-Weigh Feeder

    JJ-LIW Loss-In-Weigh Feeder

    LIW series loss-in-weight flow metering feeder is a high-quality metering feeder designed for the process industry. It is widely used for continuous constant flow batching control and precise batch control process of granular, powder, and liquid materials at industrial sites such as rubber and plastics, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, and grain feed. LIW series loss-in-weight flow metering feeder is a high-precision feeding system designed by mechatronics. It has a wide feeding range and can meet a variety of applications. The entire system is accurate, reliable, easy to operate, easy to assemble and maintain, and easy to use. LIW series models cover 0.522000L/H.

  • JJ-CKW30 High-Speed Dynamic Checkweigher

    JJ-CKW30 High-Speed Dynamic Checkweigher

    CKW30 high-speed dynamic checkweigher integrates our company’s high-speed dynamic processing technology, adaptive noise-free speed regulation technology, and experienced mechatronics production control technology, making it suitable for high-speed identificationsorting, and statistical analysis of the items which weighing between 100 grams and 50 kilograms, the detection accuracy can reach ±0.5g. This product is widely used in the production of small packages and large quantities of products such as daily chemicals, fine chemicals, food, and beverages. It is an economical checkweigher with extremely high-cost performance.

  • JJ-LIW BC500FD-Ex Dripping System

    JJ-LIW BC500FD-Ex Dripping System

    The BC500FD-Ex dripping system is a weighing flow control solution developed by our company based on the characteristics of industrial weighing control. Dripping is a very common feeding method in the chemical industry, in general, one or more materials are gradually added into the reactor within a specified period according to the weight and rate required by the process, to make the reaction with other proportioned materials to produce the desired compound.

    Explosion-proof grade: Exdib IICIIB T6 Gb

  • JJ-CKJ100 Roller-Separated Lifting Checkweigher

    JJ-CKJ100 Roller-Separated Lifting Checkweigher

    The CKJ100 series lifting roller checkweigher is suitable for the packing and weighing check of the whole box of products when under supervision. When the item is underweight or overweight, it can be increased or decreased at any time. This series of products adopt the patented design of the separation of the scale body and the roller table, which eliminates the impact and partial load impact on the scale body when the whole box is weighed on and off, and greatly improves the measurement consistency and the reliability of the whole machine. CKJ100 series products adopt modular design and flexible manufacturing methods, which can be adapted to power roller tables or rejection devices according to user needs (when unsupervised), and are widely used in electronics, precision parts, fine chemicals, daily chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, etc. Industry’s packing production line.